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Fish Load

Steve Dixon wrote:

> For the sake of comparison, my 125 gal. ....
> I have a light to moderate fish load (2 adult angels,
> 6 mollies, 6 corys and a school of neons and ottos)

If this is a light to moderate fish load for a 125 gal.,
then I think I must have an extreme overload in my 29 gal.
heavily planted tank with:
- 2 Angels (medium size, still growing)
- 2 pairs of Flag Cichlids (adults, about 2-3 in.)
- 1 pair of Ram Cichlids (adults, about 2 in.)
- 3 Algae Eater of some kind (about 1 in.)
- 2 whatever Catfish (may be 1.5 in. or so)
- 1 Suckermouth Catfish (may be 3 in.)
in it.
It adds up to all together about 28 in. of fish, and
I don't know whether this is too much or not. Sometimes
there are little fights between the 2 pairs of flags and
between the Flag's and the Ram's (esp. when the Flag's are
spawning what they do at least every 2-3 weeks), but
nothing serious and no injurys. The Angel's don't seem 
to care about the other Cichlids at all, I've never
seen them being involved in any fights.
Is there anyone with a comment about this load?
Any suggestions or opinions are appreciated.