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TB, Minocycline & Erythromycin

> I really doubt that any type of tuberculosis infection can be treated
> with a few days of those products

>Since there might be a risk of transmission to humans,

	Well, I'm a little (okay, way ;-)) behind on the latest research,
but last I knew, it appeared M. fortuitum wasn't transmittable from fish 
to human...

>TB infected fish should be immediately destroyed rather than fussing
around with attempts to medicate.

	Well, it certainly is tough to beat with meds, so it may not be
worth the money and effort.

> Are you sure you are dealing with a TB infection? 

	Now that's the million dollar question! 

> The medications you mentioned [Erythromycin & Maracyn II (Minocycline)]
> are quite ineffective for TB treatment in ornamental aquaria

	Well, I don't know about that: I've seen cases of "TB" treated
effectively with the combination of these two meds.  (Assuming, of course,
that it was, in fact, "TB" ;-) )

> but they are very fast and powerful filter killers.

	Even in combination, I wouldn't call these two "very fast and
effective filter killers."  That sounds more like a description of Triple
Sulfa!  It takes a lot of these two meds, used for a long time, to wipe
out a healthy Nitrifying bacteria population.