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After medication, then what?, "sunset" Hygrophila

Donald Rudee <donald.h.rudee at boeing_com> wrote: <<<<<Subject: After
medication, then what? (...)
The fish in my plant tank were treated with Erythromycin and Maracin II 
for an outbreak of T.B. (supposedly).  About 3 days into the 5 day 
treatment I am seeing some algae on the plants. >>>>>>

I really doubt that any type of tuberculosis infection can be treated
with a few days of those products, despite what some (in my personal
opinion, irresponsible) manufacturers say! Since there might be a risk
of transmission to humans, TB infected fish should be immediately
destroyed rather than fussing around with attempts to medicate. Are you
sure you are dealing with a TB infection? 
The medications you mentioned are quite ineffective for TB treatment in
ornamental aquaria, but they are very fast and powerful filter killers.
The algae you see are probably due to a decreased biological filtration.
Watch for ammonia levels now.

In one of my aquaria I have been keeping "sunset" Hygrophila for several
months now, but I can't get the plant to branch. Instead I get long
stems (it's a 180 gal. tank) that tend to loose the lower leaves.  The
H. polysperma on the contrary branches extensively. I would like to know
if this hygrophila variety normally does not branch too much, or if the
most likely explanation is that the conditions are not right.