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Connecting Airline to 2L Bottles Easily

You may be able to get everything you need to connect airline to coke 
bottles at your local drug store/ pharmacy.  This might help those who 
don't have access to a chemical supply house.

My local pharmacy carries a product called, I think, "Pediadose" or 
something like that.  (I can get the exact name and manufacturer if anyone 
is interested.  There are likely other, equivalent brands)  It is 

The package contains a rubber stopper and a plastic syringe.

The stopper is just big enough to seal the top of a two litre bottle.  The 
end of the syringe that goes in the hole can be cut off from the body of 
the syringe (using scissors - its just soft plastic) and stuck part-way, 
wrong-way round into the stopper. The protruding end is just the right 
size to accept airline tubing.  The seal is gas tight at DIY CO2 
pressures and there is no need for silicon sealant.  I have used this 
method and it works great.

To help you describe this at the pharmacy:  
The product is intended to be used to fill a plastic syringe with medicine 
for babies.  (Babies don't take medicine off a spoon very well, so you use 
the syringe to squirt the medicine into the baby's mouth.)  To fill the 
syringe, you put a rubber stopper in the medicine bottle, stick the 
syringe in a hole in the stopper, invert the whole works and fill the 

Paul Chapman
Saskatoon, SK