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Re: Connecting Airline to 2L Bottles Easily

Another place to get rubber stoppers with holes drilled into them is a home
brewery shop. Then go to any hardware store and get copper tubing (usually
in the refrigerator tubing section) and cut a length that'll protrude from
both ends of the stopper. Make sure the diameter will fit snugly in the
rubber stopper.

> From: Paul Chapman <chapman at SEDSystems_ca>
> You may be able to get everything you need to connect airline to coke
> bottles at your local drug store/ pharmacy.  This might help those who
> don't have access to a chemical supply house.
> My local pharmacy carries a product called, I think, "Pediadose" or
> something like that.  (I can get the exact name and manufacturer if
> anyone  is interested.  There are likely other, equivalent brands)  It
> is  inexpensive.

Greg. Tong
gtong at sirius_com

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