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PMDD Questions

I am not a chemist and need some advice regarding locally available chelated trace element mix. I have been able to track down two locally available trace element mixes in Tampa Florida. Can someone advise me if either of these is acceptable as trace element for PMDD.

Chelated General Purpose Minor Element
Total Magnesium as (Mg)		0.50%
Water Soluable Magnesium as (Mg)	0.50%
Chelated Magnesium as (Mg)		0.45%
Soluable Iron as (Fe)			2.75%
Chelated Iron as (Fe)			1.90%
Total Manganese as (Mn)		1.00%
Water Soluable Manganese as (Mn)	1.00%
Chelated Manganese as (Mn)		0.30%
Soluable Zinc as (Zn)			0.50%
Chelated Zinc as (Zn)	`		0.20%
Soluable Copper as (Cu)			0.25%
Chelated Copper as (Cu)			0.15%
Combined Sulfur as (S)			3.80%

Chelated Palm Nutritional
Soluable Manganese as (Mn)		2.50%
Chelated Manganese as (Mn)		2.00%
Total Magnesium as (Mg)		1.50%
Water Soluable Magnesium as (Mg)	1.50%
Chelated Magnesium as (Mg)		1.00%
Iron as (Fe)				1.00%
Chelated Iron as (Fe)			0.75%
Combined Sulfur as (S)			3.50%

Also, I've called a number of garden centers around here and none of the people that I spoke with had any idea where to locate potassium sulfate or potassium nitrate. Does anyone have any suggestions of where I should be looking or what I should be asking for - I vaguely remember something about stump remover?

John Hawkins
Tampa, Florida
jhawkins at ix_netcom.com