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Supplies and PMDD

> Also, I've called a number of garden centers around here and none of the
> people that I spoke with had any idea where to locate potassium sulfate >
or potassium nitrate. Does anyone have any suggestions of where I should >
be looking or what I should be asking for - I vaguely remember something >
about stump remover?

My garden shop sells potassium sulfate in bag labeled "Sulfate of Potash." 
Potassium nitrate is also sold as "Cooke's Stump Remover."  Both have
worked fine in my PMDD mix.  I had trouble locating the supplies until I
found some garden store folks who recognized the chemical formulas.  

I just checked my Hach catalog and they sell reagent grade K2SO4 for $14.50
for 454 grams.  Reagent grade potassium nitrate is $45 per kilogram.  Their
Web site is:  "http://www.hach.com/"

Good luck.  Steve Dixon