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Little White Worms

Hello everyone,

I am new to the list and in process of setting up a 29g 
planted discus tank. Substrate is Profile Pond soil-Verm-
Profile with a mixture of cleaned generic sand and Black 
Beauty sandblasting sand.  Dropped a couple of teaspoons of 
Osmocote (sp?) within the verm. Using Tetra Floral and black 
water extract. About a cup of aquarium peat hangs in a bag in 
the tank.  Magnum 350 and bio-wheel (I know probably too much 
CO2 loss, but first I needed to be concerned about biological 
filtration).     Assorted swords, cryps etc., medium to 
heavily planted, 4w/gal fluorescent lighting, yeast/CO2 
injected.  pH 6.6-6.8, KH4, GH6, 0 Nitrites, Ammonia, and 
<10ppm nitrates. All plants are doing well. The tanks been up 
for about 4 months.  Still trying to master the chemistry.
6 tetras, 2 cory-cats, and some alge eaters ??

Sorry thought the long background may be important...

Anyway, I noticed some, well 2,  very hair-thin white worms squiggling 
in the water column last night. They are about 1/2" long. 
Should I be worried about these ?? Anyone know what they are.  
How do I rid them from the tank ( a planted tank?)  Was 
planning on purchasing 3-4 small discuss in the next week or 
two but will delay this until I can get a handle on this 

Thanks for the wealth of knowledge on this list

Tom Brennan
brennans at ix_netcom.com