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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #670

> From: Allswager at aol_com
> Subject: greenhouse growing
> I built a pipie frame green house for the use of my favorite hobby. The
> tropical fish farm.  I have currently a space of 12 feet long,by 6 feet wide,
> in which I wish to build a series of troughs, in which I plan to raise
> plants, snails, and some fish.   Does anyone have experience/ expertise  in
> the area of construction.  I've considered wood frames lined with  pool
> liners,  also pored concrete, glass/glue could also work, with the closing of
> several store, the window and door glass may be available.

I suggest a flexible arrangement of used aquariums obtained at club 
auctions or elsewhere. When big plexiglass tanks get dingy, they go

Cliff Lundberg
San Francisco