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Re: Tank Startup/Green Water Problem

> Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 08:39:03 -0400
> From: "C. David Cooke" <david at joshua_medimg.emory.edu>
> Well my 90G plant tank has been up for 2 weeks now ... I know the PH
> is a little high, I have not had a chance to get the CO2 connected and
> running yet ... I started PMDD this week at 1 ml/day, but boosted that
> to 5ml/day, after the test results from last night ...

It's too late for this piece of advice, but in case anyone else is
about to start a tank:

When you set up a planted tank, it is best to get everything going
right away.  The best way to keep algae from getting too far ahead of
the plants is to make sure the plants have ideal conditions from the
get-go.  That means having CO2 injection started immediately, having
proper fertilization immediatety and, of course, having a full, dense
load of fast growing plants immediately.  "Easing into" the setup may
sound like the right thing to do (as is true with a fish only setup)
but this is not the case with a planted tank.  If the plant aren't
going like gangbusters from the start, algae will be happy to use
whatever nutrients that are available.  It is important to note that
just because the plants are in the water doesn't necessarily mean
they're growing!  

> Should I just be patient and wait for things to clear on their own (I hate
> waiting :>) or do I need to be proactive here?

Be patient.  Gee, if you hate waiting, why did you wait to start CO2
and PMDD?  <g>

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