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Re: undergravel heaters

> Date: Thu, 24 Apr 97 03:06:05 EST
> From: icom at cybl_com
> Does somebody konws the good and bad sides of undergravel heaters? I
> just received a book (Rataj & Horeman) with some words about this system
> but can not make a decision.
> What about undergravel filters? In this book, the show 2 different
> systems, 1-a tray or plate that covers all the bottom oft he tank.
> 2- series of parallel rows of perforated plastic tubes.

Are you sure the book says under gravel HEATERS and not under gravel
FILTERS?  What you described sounds like older under gravel filters.
Also, the book is kind of old and outdated to be discussing under
gravel heaters.