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Ugly DIY MH fixtures

> This is a request to you MH users out there: what kind of fixtures do
> you use? Everything that I have found so far is either ugly or so
> expensive that it is out of my reach.

I don't know for sure what you consider ugly and/or expensive, but I'll tell
you what I use. I don't hear a lot of mention about this option either, and I
don't know why. It always seemed a good compromise system to me.

There is a Hydroponics company called Hydrofarm, 1-800-634-9999 on the West
Coast, 800-833-6868 in Ohio, 800-227-4567 on the east coast. These numbers
are from the last catalogue I got, can't guarentee they are current. They do
mail order mainly, and have stores you can visit, too. There are several
different companies that sell pretty much identical stuff, so you can do your
own checking around if you want. They sell CO2 systems, too.

They sell hanging MH lamps with enclosed ballasts at the smaller wattages
(175W), and remote ballasts in the larger sizes. They also sell the
"Daylight" bulbs which are from what I remember 5500K. They may by now sell
6500K, I haven't checked, but they are aware of a growing aquarium market for
their lamps. The fixture was $149, and the bulb was $49. So for roughly $200
you've got a ready to go system. The fixtures are designed to be hung in the
home, and aren't that ugly. They come in white, and could be easily painted
whatever color you want with heat resistant metal paint. Hang them with an
attractive chain or cable, and I think they look just fine.

I just got a catalogue from Pet Warehouse and they're selling a premade
German spaceage looking setup that has 2 150w bulbs, and it goes for $995, or
$539 for one bulb. Unbelievable to me.

In Sacramento, CA