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build yourself

>You are absolutely correct that you can put together a very serviceable >CO2
>system for far less than the cost of a commercial system.  But you _are_
>underestimating your costs.  Besides what you already have, you will also
>need to purchase at least a regulator (the least expensive I've seen have
>been around $60) and a needle valve. (from about $15 for marginally
reliable ones, to about $40 for the best ones)  You'll find that
>is a more realistic price for a DIY pressurized system.
>Karen Randall
>Aquatic Gardeners Association

Sorry, I may have forgot to mention I have access to a regulator and
needle valve. That's why my cost was quoted so low. By the way in case
my set up doesn't work can you recommend a good source for these parts
for a build-it-yourselfer?
Bill Ruff
ps I posted my web pages concerning my setup this pm.
they are at:
I would like feedback on them as they are pretty raw.