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Re: color temperature vs. lumen output

>>The bulbs that I currently have are old and noticeably dimmer than when I
got them.  It is time to buy new bulbs and my choices are as

175 Watt, 4000 K, 65 CRI
100 Watt, 5200 K, 75 CRI

I am limited to these choices because I used the medium base in my
fixtures.  The Mogul base would not fit in the housings that I used.  Other
bulbs, i.e. 175W 5200K do not seem to be available in medium base.  My
question is this--would it be better to go with 200W total of 5200K light
or 350W total of 4000K light?<<

Another option may be the 150 watt Iwasaki 6500K bulb which is one of the
dense line emitter bulbs which apparently generate a broader spectrum of
light.  I understand that they will work with a 175 watt ballast and they
have a medium base.  I use them on a reef tank and saved the old bulbs when
I changed them.  If you're interested in trying one to see if it will
light, email me your address and I'll mail one to you.  These bulbs are a
little more expensive, roughly $70 to $80 if you shop around the web, but
they produce a good daylight spectrum and don't appear as yellow as the
4000K and 5200k bulbs.