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Re: snails

Cindy wrote:

>Hey all. I've gota a problem. I have a large planted tank that has
>been attacked by snails. I've been trying to pick the egg sacks off
>my plants as I see them, but I am just to out numbered for this
>method to work effectivly. Does anyone know of something I can
>try that will rid me of my pests? *Any* suggestions are appriciated.
>Thanks in advance. :)

Many people recommend using clown loaches to control snails.  I
recently bought one because my snail plague had returned.  My
loach is quite small, probably a juvenile, so I still find that I have to
reach in and either pick them out or crush them against the glass
and let the fish eat the soft body parts.

Jonathan in Maryland, where spring has returned (but not for long).