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RE>snail attack

David Corner asked whether skunk botia and skunk loach described the same 
species; the answer is yes. They appear to be closely related to the clown 
loaches others have recommended for snail control. I have only one small skunk 
loach, but he does a great job of cleaning out snails. When I got some new 
plants once, I put half into the main tank and leftovers into a quarantine 
tank which contained no fish at the time. Within a couple of weeks there was a 
major "snail bloom" in the quarantine tank; snails were EVERYWHERE (yes, in 
the Aquaclear filter big time). But I never saw a single one in the main tank. 
Since then I've actually added some of those snails into the main tank as live 
food for the loach; I never, ever see a single one even one day later, and 
there are shells at the entrance to his lair. I can't rule out the blackskirt 
tetras as snailivores, but clearly the loach is the main muncher. Certainly 
worth a try if you need snail control! 

Christine in Palo Alto, summer already