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Re: Tank repair

>Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 13:15:41 -0600
>From: Don Griffes <dgriffes at coresoft_com>
>Subject: Repairing a tank
>A friend of mine has a 125 gallon tank that the 1/2" glass brace that holds
the top center of the tank together split when a halogen light was placed on
it.  [clip]
So he is thinking of putting another 1/2" plate on top of the cracked/busted
piece and siliconing them together.  He doesn't want to remove all of the
water because he has a few large oscars in the tank and doesn't have another
tank large enough to house them for a few days.

It will work fine inasmuch as the repaired plate will work as well as the
original, but he'll have to take some care on the repair.  I doubt the tank
bowed out overnight. . .  I suggest getting a pair of Pony clamps (or other
pipe-clamp), and putting them over the tank around the break.  Tighten the
clamps gradually -- over a few days -- until the tank is back to its normal
shape (you should tell be the crack in the brace.)  Once the form is back to
normal, then apply the repair plate onto the brace. . .  And leave the
clamps on until the silicone is well set.  Otherwise, you may a) cause more
damage trying to brink the tank back to form, which would be VERY bad with
the tank full, or b) have your repair "slip" overnight, leaving you where
you started.

But it should be fine once it sets.