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Question, observation, and complaint

Hello list members,

1st, the question. I have an Apon. crispus that sent up a beautifull white
flower. Shortly after the flower cleared the water surface, the plant
started sending up red floating leaves (currently 3 but looks like #4 is
starting). Should I clip the leaves off, or is this a way to get the plant
gets "more power (grunt grunt)" to produce the seeds?

2nd, the observation. My bunch of Trichoronis rivularis (Mexican Oak-leaf
Plant) has got to be the fasted growing plant in the world. This thing
grows about a foot a week. I swear if you blink, the plant is an inch
taller. :) Also, it drinks nutrients like water (VBG) much to my algae's
disapointment. Good thing I have good substrate fertilization.

3rd, the complaint. Well, not really a complaint, but kind of a question.
Why do plant books seem to always understate the size these aquarium plants
get? My aquarium is 24" from the gravel to the water surface so I try to
buy plants that have a max size of 20" (with a few exceptions). Then I have
to clip the tops off, or remove the larger leaves. Orignally, I figured
they were reaching for light, but at 4 watts to the gal, I should have
enough, right?

Thanks for your time.