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Re: Non-carbonate buffer experiment

>Subject: Non-carbonate buffer experiment
>.....First, two 20 gallon tanks were setup with 60W of flourescents
>on each one.  Identical substrates and plants were put in each
>tank.  R/O water was used to fill each tank, sodium bi-carbonate
>and trace elements were used to make GH=3dH and KH=3dH...........

I don't see how adding sodium bicarbonate could raise the GH, which is
supposed to be a measure of Ca or Mg.  I don't think there is anything in
micronutrients, also that could raise the GH, especially considering the
small amounts of micronutrients that are added.

The solution in my Tetra hardness test kit KH bottle is, I am pretty sure,
brom thymol blue---an indicator---plus some acid.  You titrate until you
get a green color, about pH 6.5 or so.  It doesn't really test for
carbonate, just alkalinity.  I havn't figured out yet what is in the GH
bottle, but it does test for Ca and Mg hardness.  The tapwater here at my
College tests 9 degrees KH and less than 1/3 degree GH.  I can get the same
results by adding sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydroxide to deionized

So, if your GH was 3dH, it came from somewhere else than from the sodium

Paul Krombholz                  Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS  39174