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Re: SAEs Wasting Away

        This sounds like an internal parasite to me. My adult SAEs match 
     your latter three, fat, sassy, and playful. Since they are eating, and 
     the other fish are showing no signs of stress, it would seem to be 
     fish related rather than tank related. As a precaution I would keep a 
     close watch on the other fish. 
        Have you made any major changes to the effected tank. Maybe a new 
     piece of driftwood, plant, decoration, etc., just before this started. 
        Hopefully the fish desease folks on the list willhave some idea. If 
     you have someoone that has the ability to do a postmotum on one of the 
     dead fish I would recommend it. One of the local fish stores does it 
     here, you might have something similiar around your area.
        Good luck, and sorry to hear about your losses.
                        Doug Underwood