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Improving CO2 Reactor Efficiency

Hey folks,

I've been struggling with trying to keep a reasonable CO2 concentration
in my 200gal planted tank.  Before, I was simply bubbling the CO2
directly into the reactor but I was unable to achieve a concentration
greater than 6ppm.  This was mainly due to my trickle filter which was
reducing CO2 levels to 4ppm on its output.  A few days ago I rearranged
my setup so the CO2 was injected into the intake of the water pump that
feeds my reactor.  The result was surprising.  CO2 levels are now at
9ppm in my tank (even though they remain at 4ppm in my sump).  With
KH=3 and pH=7.00 plant growth is at an all time high for me and my
angelfish are spawning all over the place.