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Subject: Re:Gymnocoronis: a neat plant
>Recently I got a plant of Gymnocoronis spilanthoides which showed up, in
>all places, at the local PetSmart outlet.  Every once in a while they get a
>shipment of assorted, unnamed potted aquatic plants, and this showed up
>there.  I recognized it from the picture in Aquarienpflanzen.


>Gymnocoronis should be planted in groups near the back or sides of the
>tank.  A series of stem segments with leaves should be weighted down with
>pebbles, and in a few weeks the new growth should be very decorative.

I have to agree that it's hard to kill.<g>  Although it _is_ decorative,
this is one of the few plants that I no longer keep because it grows _too_
fast.  I just got tired of pulling out the machete every week!<g>  It makes
Water Sprite look like a slow grower!

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association