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PMDD tspn vs tbsn

Tablespoons? Tablespoons! So you
think I'm servin' up watered down
PMDD usin' teaspoons aye. Argh!!!

Uh-oh.  For as long as I've been using
PMDD, I've been measuring ingredients in
teaspoons (tspn). I had been under the
impression that was how the Conlin-Sears
formula was expressed.

Now Steve Turner in e-mail and Pat Bowerman
through APD have pointed out the offical formula
is expressed in tablespoons. Here I posted
"PMDD Sources & Doses" to help others in
appreciation of how often I've been helped
by others and . . .

Well, there are three teaspoons in a tablespoon
so apparently my PMDD was only 33.3% as strong
as most others. I believe my post was ok for this
diluted form, but I hate to confuse anyone. It would
be easy enough for me to adjust my post on PMDD doses
to reflect this. Should I post an adjusted report,
or should I leave well enough alone?

Red as Rotala in Pittsburgh,
Tim Mullins