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??Zeolite Cat Litter??

My email program has been giving me problems, hence I am making some "late"
replies.  I am puzzled, WHAT is the stuff in this quote, <<and laterite
(although it's red art clay, which cost me just a little more than zeolite
cat litter).>>

??zeolite cat litter??  Could you perchance be tugging on our ambulatory
extremities??  8^D

BTW, I was discussing this List with an old friend, and brought up the
subject of Laterite and folks' odd sounding substitutes, and mentioned Kitty
Litter.  She broke out giggling, and informed me that SHE had been using it
in her plant tanks for years, but just hadn't admitted it, as she thought
folks would think her a bit odd. 

Just wondering!