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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #627

Subject: Java Fern @ 40 F.

>I bought a nice Java Fern from G.B. some time ago.
>It thrived in my aquaium; indeed, it took over the
>upper, left 1/3 of the tank (little light reached the
>bottom). So I pulled it out and divided it into
>4 reasonable sized pieces. Three went in various
>aquaiums and the fourth went into the pond (it
>was winter here). The water was 40 degree Fahrenheit!
>I didn't really expect it to survive, but it did! It hasn't
>grown much, but it's green. I expect it will be immense
>by the end of the summer. I guess I'll eventually get
>portions of all my aquarium plants outside in the
>pond before too long. 

A week ago that would have surprised me.  But in the interrim, I was was
talking to a pond keeping friend of mine.  He mentioned that he had put
some Javas I had given him into his pond last summer and they survived the
winter UNDER THE ICE here in "sunny New England!  Granted, this was one of
the mildest winters we've ever had, but still, there were several periods
when even the lakes had thick enough ice to skate on.  I suspect it was
pretty durn cold in a small goldfish pond!<g>

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association