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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #627

>Has any one had any problems leaving leaves on the lower
>part of a stem that could really be attributed to this and not some general
>Karen Randall
>Aquatic Gardeners Association

Actually, I've found that Cabomba roots best when I intentionally leave the
lower leaves on when the substrate is coarse.  Besides holding the plant
down, I've suspected that the bacteria rotting the leaves consume the local
oxygen, leading to anaerobic conditions, which stimulates root growth.  I've
yet to find the stem rotted, and I've experimented by planting against one
end of the tank to watch the roots.

Anachris stems rot off about 50% of the time when I don't prune leaves.

There's nothing else, stem-wise, I had which was growing rampantly enough
for me to experiment with it.