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Anubias problems

Hi all,
I have a couple of planted tanks with a number of varieties of plants, 
including one totally planted with anubias species.
In recent months, I have increased the level of lighting and fertilisation with 
PMDD as well as iron-based formulas.  All tanks have regulated CO2 supplies and 
water changes at 10% twice a week.
I have noticed that all my plants are doing extremely well, with an exceptional 
growth rate.  I have to cut down on my Riccia,  Water Sprite and the 
vallisneria grows like a jungle!  The anubias put out a leaf every week or so, 
but my fish get to them.  There is little to none algae problems.
I have noticed that the anubias have started to form black edges as well as 
have dark green algae growth on the larger of the species.  The smaller species 
have discoloured leaves and the stems are brittle.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to the problems?

rdorvill at sp_ac.sg