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Corallife Fixture

Re: the Corallife Fixture mentioned by Roxanne Bittman as not lighting Penn
Plax bulbs, is this the "electronic ballast" fixture that is sold by R.C.
Steele?  I have never used nor even seen this fixture, but thus far, all of
the Electronic Ballasts I have tried will light ANY bulb.  This includes both
"Rapid Start" Electronic Ballasts and "Instant Start" Electronic Ballasts.

The "Instant Start" ones shorten the life of the Rapid Start Bulbs, IF YOU
ARE STARTING THEM ON THREE HOUR INTERVALS.  If you leave them on for ten to
twelve hours, the Rapid Start Bulb life is the same with the Instant Start
Ballasts as with Rapid Start Ballasts.

The Instant Start ballast I am using is OK for 32, 23, and 17 watt T8 bulbs,
which gives a lot of latitude in designing hoods! 

Hope this will be helpful.