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Yellowing leaves

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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 23:00:13 -0800
From: Kim Nelson <kim_nelson at bc_sympatico.ca>
To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
Subject: Yellowing Leaves on Plants

I has only recently planted a 66g aquarium for the 1st time.

I have one Crypto. species and a Sword which are doing well.  I've added 
a Fountain (? - Grassy-type) and one other.  Please bear with me as I 
bought this plant not know what it was!  The Fountain and the Unknown are 
starting to get yellow/brown spots on some of the leaves.  The "unknown" 
is just getting them on the bottom leaves.  So far the top ones are 

Being as vague as I've been, does this sound like a fertilizer problem.  
Lack of minerals?  I'm using some fertilizer pills, but I'm wondering if 
a liquid one might be better?

I have a 42" Power-Glo light so I don't think insufficient light is the 
problem.  (the light is on between 12-14 hours per day).

Thanks for any help anyone can give me,


Please e-mail as I'm just in the process of subscribing to this group and 
I'm not sure how long it takes!  :o)