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Green sludge

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Date: Tue, 01 Apr 1997 09:38:39 -0500
From: Jorge Ortega <ortega_j at popmail_firn.edu>
Reply-To: ortega_j at popmail_firn.edu
To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
Subject: Plants treatment and green sludge


This is a great news group!  I get just about all I need to know to keep
my pond plants healthy right here.

I have two questions:

1.  I am about to get some new plants.  I want to place them in a
quarentine pond and treat them with something to kill off any vermin
that may hurt my goldfish.  What can I use for treat the plants?  The
plants will be in a 100 gallon pond until safe to introduce to my 2000
gallon goldfish pond.

2.  My golfish pond has a foam prefilter and a 35-gallon external
biofilter.  In the boifilter, the water travels through 3" of foam and
then lava rock.  It works well.  The problem is that both the prefilter
and the biofilter get clogged with lots of green sludge that I have to
rinse off with a water hose about every 5 days..  Is this normal?  What
IS this stuff?  How can I get rid of it?

Thank you very much for sharing your expertice!!!

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