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>Proper use of the table is to first pick the pH you want then pick the
>CO2 level you want.  Use the table to find the KH you should have to
>meet the first two parameters.  Add sodium bicarb and/or calcium
>carbonate to achieve that KH (and whatever GH you want) then inject
>CO2 until the pH is right.  Voila. 

Thanks George.  Very helpful.  

One follow up question.  Claus Christensen mentioned to Karen Randall that
humic acids in the water column might goof up the chart.  I take it that
use of peat or various "black water" concoctions (or bog wood for that
matter) would put humic acids in the water column.  Do you or any of the
chemists have any comment on the use of the chart in that case?  

Regards, Steve Dixon