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Re: CO2

> From: STDIXON <stdixon at bechtel_com>
> Subject: CO2
> One follow up question.  Claus Christensen mentioned to Karen Randall that
> humic acids in the water column might goof up the chart.  I take it that
> use of peat or various "black water" concoctions (or bog wood for that
> matter) would put humic acids in the water column.  Do you or any of the
> chemists have any comment on the use of the chart in that case?  

	If you have humic acids in the water, you are not likely to be
able to get much idea of the HCO3- concentration (KH).  The charts
are still all right, but that doesn't help much if you can't measure
the KH.  You won't be able to _measure_ the CO2 very well, either.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada

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