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Re: Calcium Chloride

Someone posted a day or so ago wondering what people did regarding dosing
with this compound (Greg Tong?).  After observing gnarled new growth on a
large E. bleheri in my community tank (which I interpreted to be a Ca
deficiency) I began dosing with a mixture of 1tsp CaCl2, 1tsp of epsom
salts dissolved in 1 pint of tap water.  I have een adding about 5ml of
this solution with water changes.  The E. bleheri has been growing
quickly, and the Val have finally begun to put out runners.  I think this
has cured my problem.

Be aware that this combination of solvent and solutes isn't _that_
soluble;  I get some precipitate in the bottle.  I guess it's a shake well
before using thing.

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