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Re: EDDHA safety/Hydra eradication

Sparrow wrote....

>Is iron chelated by EDDHA ok for use in the aquarium? I got some at a garden
>shop today about 4 for 250g @ 2% Fe, 2% MgO, and 3% Mn. I am not sure whether
>to put it in the substrate or to dissolve it and pour it in. Your thoughts

It should be fine for plants. You let us know how the fish fare.
Dissolve it as you would the Fe:EDTA in PMDD.

Allan Barber wrote....
>I hate to bring up a dead issue, but I have a HYDRA problem.  In recent
>weeks discussion has centered on several methods of eradicating this pest.
>Are there any others?

One method is to add 5 grains/gallon (78 ppm) of ammonium nitrate.
Another is to heat the tank to 106 F for ten minutes removing the
fish of course. Both methods are safe.

>And what can be done to insure that they do not return?

Be careful and sterilize everything that goes into the tank.

>I would rather not tear my tanks down, UC they are heavily planted and there
>are eggs and young within the tanks.  Some of which I would not be able to
>find in order to remove them.  
>Do hydra have any known aquatic enemies?

>Something along the order of a chinese algae eater for algae?

Reportedly some fish such as the blue gourami will eat them.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca