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Malaysian Snails

-- [ From: Jeff K * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Checking out the plants on sale at my local store, I noticed several
Malaysian snails on the glass of the display tanks. After asking at four
different stores (including this one), I had pretty much given up on finding
them, and here they were. The store didn't even know they had them. Clearly,
they were hitch hikers on some past shipment of plants.Thinking it couldn't
hurt, I found a salesperson and asked if I could buy them. They were not in
the tank where snails were for sale, so he found his manager, and after some
pretty tough negotiations :-),  I was able to purchase a few for $0.20 each.

So if you've been looking for Malaysian Snails, look a little closer. They
might be right there under your nose.

Now, my question. The snails are little buggers, and I'm concerned they
might be the next meal of four Clown Loaches in my tank, so for now they are
isolated in a cage of netting, where they have burrowed into some sand. Can
I simply release them and depend on them burrowing safely into the media?
The tank is heavily planted. Should I release them into a densely planted
area? Or should I grow them in their current cage? When and how quickly do
they multiply?

Thanks for your help.