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full spectrum incandescent (fwd)

This was sent to me in error.  -Cynthia

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Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 00:39:02 +0000
From: "Frank C. Marini" <mxmisl at brokersys_com>
To: cyn at metronet_com
Subject: full spectrum incandescent

Yes for small lights-your only choice for "full" spectrum would be power 
compact flors. Also this would require a two bulb set as well. The 
aquasun bulb and an actinic white flor bulb would be sufficent to 
provide a good wide balance of light.Also the nice thing about power 
compacts is the wattage intensity for the size.
As far as incandescent bulbs in the full spectrum. Right now it doesn't 
exist(well it may exist -it not for sale). Becuz of the properties of an 
incandescent bulb, it can't be spray w/ a full spectrum emitting 
phosphor. As you probably know flor tubes work by electrically exciting 
a gas(contained in the tube), this gas emits electrons which hit the 
phosphor coating which is sprayed on the inside of the flor tube, it is 
these phosphor when excited which emit the full spectrum light. A 
incandescent bulb works by electrically heating a coil of wire in a 
noble gas(which prevents oxidation).The wire is the only thing excited 
here no gas stimulation. So w/out electron emission- no full spectrum