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Alternanthera sessilis, etc.

Hi all,
Thank you for the information on Alternanthera sessilis, A. reineckii, and 
others.  I originally ordered the A. sessilis from Darin Gasperson (FL) 
since I had seen pictures of it grown submersed in several books (such as 
"The Nature Aquarium").  However, the taxonomy is a little confused, not 
the least by several horticultural varieties or "forms".  
So, I guess there could be several reasons why this plant is doing poorly 
for me:  1.  It's not A. sessilis (though I believe it is), 2.  I don't use 
CO2 and it would do better with it, 3. It hasn't gone thru its adjustment 
period in my tank yet.  There are more possibilities, but that's enuf to 

Thanks again for the responses,

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