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As I pondered the fallout of the EDTA, colored water and litterite (I like this 
term George) issues, I remembered some advice given to me several years ago by 
a coworker when  I was regretting the effects of a strongly worded memo that I 
had written in anger.  

His advice to me was that in the future, I should write the memo while I was 
still angry, but then sit on it for a day.  The next day, read the memo over 
again, and if you still feel the same way, then send it.  I have followed his 
advice since then and it has prevented me from sending quite a few nasty memos 
and emails.  More often than not I have toned down the original message.

I would like to suggest that the members of the list consider doing the same 
when something prompts them to send a strongly worded reply.  I think we will 
all benefit.

Sorry for the lecture, hopefully I haven't offended anyone.