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Freshwater Plants and Brackish Water Conditions

	Hi.  I would like to post a question to those plant
people out there who have tried to keep freshwater plants along
with fish that require brackish water conditions.
	I have set up a 10 gal. plant tank with several species
of plants, including: Hygrophila polysperma, Cardamine lyrata,
some specimens of dwarf and narrow Sagittaria, as well as some
Java fern (Microsorium pteropus).  The plan is to make this the
new home for a small group of Bumblebee gobies (Brachygobius
xanthozona) that I have my eye on.  The dilemma is that these
fish seem to be living quite happily in a tank where the 
salinity of the water is around 20-22 ppt (a specific gravity
of approx. 1.014 to 1.016).  After a little experimentation, I
found that this means I'll be adding approx. 3-4 tablespoons
of salt (non-iodide table salt) per gallon of tapwater to bring
the salinity of my tankwater within the above range.
	This seems like an aweful lot of salt, and I'm wondering
if my plants are going to be able to put up with this level of
salinity for any length of time.
	Any thoughts?

Jerry B.