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On Disagreeing, and a CO2 Q or 2.

	OK, this is getting out of hand:  Craig, Toado (and Dave).  Look,
a lot of us here rely on you three to keep our chemistry in line, and I
know that I, at least, look forward to having some of my plants/chem
questions answered in more technical detail by people like you who are
qualified to give responses.  In fact, some of you have been kind enough
to answer personal email about chem questions.  And there is certainly
nothing wrong with honest, even strong disagreement.  I don't think we
need to start taking things too personally, though, nor to start actually
insulting eachother.  Part of the problem here is the nature of the
written word, which often makes the intended tone of something hard to
discern, but let's just stop taking umbrage at minor things.  For
instance, i don't intend the tone of my message to be patronizing or
holier than thou! <g>.  I am sincere, however, about wishing that
disagreements on  this group would continue to be a little 'kinder and
gentler' <g>.

	Now, if I haven't offended you all ;-), may I distract you from
your current battle over EDTA etc, and ask you to think about the question
I posed here recently:  Is CO2 injection necessary in a brightly-lit tank?
That is, necessary in terms of allowing the plants to have enough CO2 to
keep up with the rate of photosynthesis being demanded by bright lighting,
to prevent pH swings large enough to be harmful to fish etc.  Can I simply
create good current to allow CO2 easier diffusion?

	My particular case is a 20gallon long with (potentially) 70W of
flourescent lighting, but I was (and am) hoping for a lively (not
hostile!<g> discussion about this topic in general.