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Subject: Re: Alternanthere sessilis
Karl wrote:

>I just saw a fresh shipment of this plant from Florida.  It came in labeled
>as "Sunset Hygrophila". 

I assume you know that there really is a Hygro called "sunset", and you
mean that the Alternanthera came in by mistake instead?

> I would tend to believe its' preference is emersed
>growth rather than in the aquarium.  

That is my understanding for this plant as well.

>However, I remember Karen Randall describing
>a method for potting and raising Rotala macranda which might at least help
>in keeping this plant submersed.   

Remember, though, that R. macrandra really _does_ grow happily under water,
even in the wild.

>Additional lighting is probably a must.
>Karen, any input on this?

The only Alternanthera that I've worked with was A. reineckii, and that
plant could be grown just like R. macrandra in my moderately hard water...
Lots of light, supplemental CO2, and potted with soil and some laterite or
micronized iron.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association