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Keeping yeast bottle warm

When I set up my new 55g plant tank in the basement I found
that the yeast in my DIY CO2 system didn't produce very well when 
the temperature dropped to 55F. To solve the problem I bought an 
eight quart foam bait bucket for less than $2 and but the yeast 
bottle in it and a small porcelain socket next to it. I put  a 7 watt 
bulb in it and cut a hole in the lid to accommodate the top of the 
bottle.  With the light on and the lid on tight the temperature runs 
about 85F.  This was a little warm so I cracked the lid open and it 
runs in the low 70's and I get good CO2 production.

One advantage of the system is that if the CO2 production suddenly 
stops you can jump start it again  by adding a little sugar and 
closing the lid to raise the temperature.  This gives you time to 
get a new batch started.