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E. osiris flowers/plantlets

From a long-time lurker who really enjoys this list.

As a result of earlier discussions on this list about photoperiod and flowering
in Echinodorus spp,  I increased the photoperiod on my 100 litre plant tank from
11 to 12 hours.  My E. osiris, which has grown strongly for the past three
months, has now started sending up a flower shoot.  My question is this: should
I weigh down the flower stem as it extends (to get plantlets) or let it flower
in the 2 cm  gap between the water and the cover glass and hope for plantlets
after flowering.  Almost everything that now emerges or floats gets browned off
after a week or so.

BTW - The tank is well lit (4x30W 4,500K tubes) and has DIY CO2.  pH is 6.6(am)
to 6.8(pm) and KH is 3.  NH3, NO2 and NO3 have never been measurable.  I use a
Fluval 303 as filter and CO2 reactor.  The tank gets a full Dupla fertilzer
regime, with added Mg2SO4 and Carbonates.  I occasionally add K2NO3 when I'm
feeling brave, with no ill effects.  The plants are obviously happy and algae is
under control, but present in the "upper storey".  Dwarf cichlids (A. thomasi),
black mollies and a pair of Australian rainbows breed regularly in this tank.

Paul Garrett