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>I have been reading about PMDD with interest, but being fairly new to this
>newsgroup, I am not sure what it is or where I can get it.  Can someone
>please point me and perhaps other readers of this newsgroup to a source-AGA

>See below:
>I offer the three basic ingredients, Microplex, a micronutrient mix,
>KNO3, a facsimile of the Microplex label and a copy of the recipe. I
>enough ingredients to produce 5 Liters of PMDD as described by Conlin
>Sears. The $30 cost includes shipping by U.S. mail. If you'd like to
>send me a check or money order to:
>*****************Neil Schneider
>*****************14021 Frame Road
>*****************Poway, CA  92964-3205
>If you also send me e-mail at the same time you mail the money, I'll
>e-mail back, when I ship.
>PacNeil at worldnet_att.net * Life is what happens to you 
>Neil Schneider		 * while you're busy making other plans
>Poway, CA USA		 *