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As Mark Twainmight say, this is not a word, it is an alphabetical 
procession.  At any rate, I have a small bottle of Tetrasodium 
ethylenediaminetetraacetate.  I know that this is used in the chelation 
of minerals.  My question is, how is it used?  If I merely add it to the 
aquarium, will it magically do something to the minerals in my water and 
will my plants suddenly do better, or would I have to treat the minerals 
outside of the tank and then add them?  How much should be used in a 
90G aquarium?  I've had this stuff around for a few years and figure I'd 
better use it for something.  I got it for this purpose (aquaristics) and 
have never had the knowledge and/or guts to use it.  The warnings on the 
label are prety dire.  It was manufactured by Hampshire and is called 
Hamp-ene 100S.  Thanks for your attention and advice.