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Test Kit recomendations

I'm  new to this list, so I hate to ask questions that may have already been
answered.  I searched the archives but could not find any 'authoritive'
information on the quality/accuracy/useability/etc. of commonly available
test kits.

If anyone has, or cares to compile, a list of peoples opinions on the test
kits they use, how much they cost, and where to get them, please post (or
re-post) it with a subject header that will hit on searches.

I am looking for recomendations on Nitrate and Iron kits, but PH, KH, CO2,
etc info would also be appreciated.  There was some talk awhile back about a
DIY iron test... any progress/discouragement?

-Pete Schmidt
Snow, rain, sun... we've had it all in the last 24 hours - Bellingham, WA