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daylight bulbs

Hi again,
        I just bought four new bulbs for two shoplights I have above my 55.
I purchased 2 GE 40 watt daylight ultras and 2 GE 40 watt chroma 50's.  I am
a bit confused.  When I put the two contrasting bulbs in the shoplight, I
noticed the chroma, which cost $8 and was a full spectrum bulb, was not
nearly as bright and emitted a somewhat light red tinge.  The daylight
ultra, which cost $6, was much brighter and emmited a white light.  On the
daylight ultra's package, it said that its initial lumens were 35% higher
than the chroma 50.  Then I noticed on the same package that there was a
table indicating that the color rendering index of the chroma 50 was 90 and
the daylight ultra was only 75.  So which one is more useful to the plants?
My guess would be that they should be used together, and I think that's what
I'll do.  Well, just curious.   Thanks!!

B.J. Smith
jesmith at sonnet_com