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crystal clear

>I think that a number of people on the list are in an advanced state of 
>denial as to what constitutes "crystal clear" or "colorless" water.

>This is the test.  Fill a five gallon white polyetheylene bucket with 
>water from your aquarium.  If the water appears to be light blue, then 
>you are the proud owner of nearly humic acid free water.  If it looks 
>just plain white, or yellowish, it isn't colorless.

>That said, almost all successful planted tanks have some yellow color to 
>the water, whether their owners are willing to admit it or not.  ;-)

Well, actually, we ARE willing to admit it, but that is not what we
were talking about...  "crystal clear" (or even just "clear") means
'transparent, free of cloudiness'.  Clear does NOT mean 'colorless'.