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Cyanobacteria eater

For those of you looking for something to eat cyanobacteria, I think I just
found something.  I just bought a creature called a "Thai Wood Shrimp".  It
is one of the shrimp that I've thought of as a filter feeder, with the big
feathery feet.  

The tank I put the shrimp into is a fairly new set-up with a soil
substrate, and had a small patch of cyanobacteria on the surface of the
substrate.  In the 4 hours since he's been in the tank, he has
systematically removed and eaten every bit of it!  Now, I'm not sure
whether he hadn't been fed well in the store, or if it was normal behavior,
but if you're having a problem with cyanobacteria, it might be worth
picking a couple of these guys up.