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Re: Aragonite gH and kH values in tanks

Hi Craig

> As far as using it in a planted tank... the main caveat is that it will 
> dissolve relatively slowly, and there is a ton of buffering capacity 
> there.  If you put in too much, it will increase both the GH and KH of 
> the water (I've been reading this list too long.)  How high might it 
> drive those values?  Drop a pound or two into your tank, and move from 
> the freshwater planted world towards the rift lake world. 

A friend of mine did this in a planted tank for his rainbowfish. He put 
about 500g (1lb) of shell grit in a 4' tank and then added CO2. His gH 
was 400ppm (tapwater 20) and kH of 160ppm (tapwater 0) with a pH of about 
7.6. Some of the plants in this tank were superb, the aponogeton sp from 
queensland was amazing along with the ludwigia and some of the swords 
that he had. Also his cryptocoryne pontederifolia are some 6+" high with 
3" wide leaves. He does however have problems with many other plants.

Dr Bruce
Your stanthorpe myriophilum has found a good home and is growing and 

Peter Hughes